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Samsung BD-F7500 3D Blu-ray Player Review
Mark Hodgkinson gives us a quick video review of the Samsung BD-F7500 Blu-ray Player. read the full in-depth review at the link above.
piperbob2 : Does Samsung have a Blu-Ray Recorder ? The only company that I know of, that markets one in the UK, seems to be Panasonic. I would have thought that people would be only too keen on the concept of recording/archiving HD content to recordable Blu-Ray discs.
TheMetallicaMonster : Does anyone know how to change the recommended apps for the home screen?
Din Djarin : Hello to everyone there, I have a problem with my home theater gear, how can I activate the DTS HD Master Audio on my Onkyo HT-R591 receiver, my blu-ray player is a Sony BDP-S370.
I don't know if is the settings on the receiver or in the blu-ray player or the HDMI cables, please give me an advice tho solve my problem, thank you for all you guys...
Wunji1 : When you select DTS HD on your Onkyo, it decodes from the Sony via HDMI...
Zieco Chiuman : Does anyone can help me how do i disconnect my usb from this bd player?.

Samsung Smart Blu-Ray Player BD-F7500 Full Review

This is the full review of the Samsung Smart Blu-Ray Player BD-F7500, the F7500 is a Smart Blu-Ray player released together with the 2013 Samsung Smart TV line up and it is meant to convert your non smart HDTV into a Smart TV or for users who want a Samsung Smart TV experience on their current TV without upgrading. Find out on what we have to say in this video, do check out the full review coming up on
siska mosko (Nsiska) : test plex plex plex plex ...........
Zieco Chiuman : Do unknow how to disconnect my external hard drive ?
Christian Sassano : Is possible install Skype ????
London “country” best : did movie as full screen at 1080p? i plan to buy same it but i was not sure about it, i would like to know more about this.
talespin23 : how fast do blu-ray and dvds load and how is the upscaling look on this player im planning on buying this when i buy the new curved samsung 4k tv later this year

Samsung BD F7500 Unboxing and First Look

We've got a new toy in our lab - the Samsung BD-F7500/XM Blu-ray Player.

Check out our unboxing video and the first look of how the Smart Blu-ray Player looks like on TV. Enjoy~

Thank you Samsung Malaysia for sponsoring us this review unit.
siska mosko (Nsiska) : test plex server please

Santhosh Kumar : do i get 5.1 analog out dolby digital audio, when i watch VUDU ONLINE MOVIES through this player ?????
Neil Caulfield : My disc player says open and tray wont open, how do I fix this? Put a DVD in out of the box and played fine, switched sources and switched back and acts like there is no disc in and tray is open
CubanPete1990 : Could it work on regular DVDs?
Junior Jerome : Is it region free?




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