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Television is a Confusing, Expensive Mess

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At first I was just confused, but now I'm mad.


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Call Me Conor : Yeah this comment got pinned. Big deal.
Meat-ra : Watching Drew be extremely bitter about cable companies is hilarious.
Tristan Bennett : The ad placements during the tv movie section... brilliant lmao
Joel Schmitz : If we work together we can take Spectrum down
C3p0 Works at Burger King : When you mentioned all of the government catches bad guys shows i realised my mom watches like half of them
Venomixia : 7:10 damn House M.D. ain’t even got no respect
Marcela H : Also, Philo had an option to check 'don't sell my data'. So check that out in the settings of things you hire, because it seems it's an opt-out thing now.
My monkey Has severe depression : “And constantly interrupted by commercials”
It played a super smash bros X minecraft ad
Amelia Not Gonna Know My Last Name : with criminal minds they are very acab tbh and show the dark side of the government
P. Roud Tobi Mi : In Germany we're forced to pay for TV whether or not we watch or even own a TV in the first place. And you can only be exempted from paying for financial or health reasons. So if you're too poor or ill/handicapped, the state is gracious enough not to leech any more money out of your pocket.

Ranking Terrible Life Hacks with My Wife

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Thanks to everyone who sent me the life hacks:
egg spray - https://twitter.com/haught_topics/status/1306638265118855168?s=20
pistachios - https://twitter.com/minaisagreg/status/1306639918656114689?s=20
bag proposal - https://twitter.com/gillibean33/status/1306644185357975552?s=20
car scarf (please don’t do this one) - https://twitter.com/miasohungry/status/1306642231059570688?s=20
apple juice - https://twitter.com/hanimunart/status/1306643636998860802?s=20
grass key - https://twitter.com/bubblbudd/status/1306641026522677264?s=20
underwear - https://twitter.com/sims4foreva/status/1306641624663912449?s=20

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swood dood : Wife hacks
F i f t y T h r e e : I love how danny, kody and drew has genderbent versions of themselves as their romantic partners
Robin Cecelia : You were way too nice to the key hack. They literally sell things to put spare keys in that look like innocuous things... like a sprinkler or something. Gluing fake grass to your key and then sticking it in your lawn will ensure at least one of the following results:
1. You've just lost your spare key forever because of your expert camo skills
2. You've just lost your spare key forever because you mowed the lawn
3. You look like an idiot if the grass ever browns and there's just one weird patch of green...
4. Anyone who looks for this spare key is going to look like a maniac trying to comb through grass and desperately start digging around in their lawn
5. People are going to ask you why you didn't just buy a discreet canister and instead chose to hot glue fake grass to a key and stick it in the ground
(that last one is a constant)
Bridget Donnelly : drew drives a kia soul
Mark : "Sudden camping" sounds like the legally safe way to say you wanna help prison fugitives.
Liv Drake : hey why are u posting on my channel
Skull Skills : I read ranking life hacks with my terrible wife
TheLegless101 : I'm not sure that's his wife. I think it's his female clone and he's just trying to cover up the fact he's been messing around with experiments of questionable ethicality.
Gabija Zukauskas : he is becoming amanda- he is amanda and amanda is drew
Sophia Quintana : Who else hates these life hacks.

No, just me ok. I respect your opinion.

The Most Epic Movie Ever Made

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5 stars.


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instagram - https://www.instagram.com/drewisgooden
111 111 : These comments are gonna be crazy as fuck until you pin one. I think that you shouldn't pin one just to piss everyone off this time.
Wes : conCUSHION!1!1!1 xDdd 69!1
txmmy : cant wait for a non sponsored drew gooden video!
SuperBDer : Those shadows during low exposure though...
30lego Squid : imagine being called art museum
DimaRakesah : "the web browser that's currently in your computer's recycle bin" TRUTH
Kathryn Wieland : The Off Season from 2004, horribly bad 'horror' movie, i think it would be worth a watch
Joie Maske : is it bad i laughed at the gun scene
Nate Burns : To really see how ridiculous this movie is, watch the Redlettermedia review.
Kevin Sundelin : I'll give the movie some credit, the Russian Roulette scene was pretty funny




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